What Are Child Support Guidelines in Florida?

If a parent has to pay child support, there are preset amounts outlined in Florida law for basic child support, which are based on the monthly net income of that parent and the number of children. If the parent's monthly net income is less than $800, then there are preset percentages of income that are owed. For information about this law and to see this table of information, you can look at the pertinent Florida statute, and be sure to call a child support attorney to ensure that this process results fairly.

Incomes have to be determined with accuracy to find out what the fair amount of child support is, and this gross income includes more than wages. This can include commissions, bonuses, worker's compensation, and more. Deductions cannot be missed, such as some health insurance premiums, mandatory union dues, and social security payments. It would be invaluable to have a skilled child support attorney with you during this time. With knowledgeable legal counsel, you can be sure that you are receiving or paying what is fair. As there may be additional amounts owed beyond the basic guidelines, you will want an experienced divorce attorney to help protect your rights.

A judge can determine child support payments that vary as much as 5% from these guidelines, but this can only happen if the judge is presented with evidence of why the guidelines are unjust for your unique situation. If you feel that you are owed more, or that you are being ordered to pay an unreasonable amount, a child support attorney can help you demonstrate this to a judge to get a just result.

Child support is just one of the tricky issues involved with divorce and family law. Having an experienced divorce attorney on your side can provide immeasurable relief in this stressful time. A dedicated Orlando divorce attorney from our firm can help fight to protect you and your child's rights. We understand this is a difficult time for you, and we want to smooth the process out for you as much as we can. To find answers to your questions and to learn more about how we can help you, fill out a free case evaluation and contact our office today!