What to Watch Out for in Ugly Child Custody Battles

In every divorce case there are several issues to resolve, some are more contentious than others. For some, property division and dividing up the assets and debts is the most sensitive issue. For others, spousal support or alimony is the main area of contention. However, for those who have children, child custody is one of the biggest obstacles to overcome during the divorce. In ugly child custody battles, no one is willingly to admit that they may be an "unfit" parent or that they don't have enough time to pour into the children's lives. When it comes to time sharing, fighting for sole custody or joint custody can become the most contested matter in the case.

When parents cannot decide on a child custody arrangement and they are unable to agree, then the judge has full discretion as to what child custody plan to implement. This leaves parents feeling helpless and hopeless and at high risk of losing time with their children. That is why your attitude and behavior during and after the case is crucial. If you are the type of parent who played a hands off role during the marriage and you don't assist with homework, sports activities or doctor appointments, you could be at risk of losing custody of your children. Some parents have different priorities. If you prefer to be out till the early hours of the morning with friends and you enjoy living up the single life, then the court will see that and use it against you.

Ultimately, the court will rule in favor of whatever is in the best interest of the children. That means if the other parent seems to be more fit as a parent you may be spending less time with your children after the divorce. If you have a drug or alcohol problem, you could even be forced to have supervised time sharing. Every little thing could be crucial in your case, including your actions, your speech, even what you say online. That's right, your social media posts could come back to haunt you. If you are in the middle of an ugly child custody battle, then you must be careful what you say on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other social outlet. In order to extra cautious guard what you say in your emails and text messages as well.

Even though emotions are running high during this time and it feels like you against the other parent, it is vital that you don't discredit the other parent and bad mouth them in front of your children. Whatever you say could come back to the court and be used against you in your case. Though it seems against your nature, try to keep your cool and control your anger. Keep your angry thoughts to yourself and don't make your children choose sides. If the court finds out that you are speaking ill of the other parent to the children, they could consider that parental alienation and this can definitely hurt your chances of obtaining custody. This is especially true for when you are in the courtroom. Be on your best behavior because the judge will looking to see how you react in those tough situations.

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