Potential Changes to Florida Divorce Law: Alimony

Advocates for alimony reform in Florida are engaged in the legal process of seeking to overhaul divorce laws regarding alimony. It is believed by those in favor of the change that people who are divorced in the state that have a high net worth are unfairly punished under current state law.

The current law makes it possible for a second spouse to become liable to assist in paying alimony to the former spouse when a modification is granted for an upward increase in payments. This is a deterrent for a person who wishes to marry a person who is paying alimony – his or her income could be impacted.

The issue in contention is permanent alimony. This is spousal support that is ordered to paid for the remaining lifetime of the former spouse, unless that person then remarries, which he or she may not choose to do. The reform to Florida law could significantly change how alimony is awarded by the court, but this change has not yet been enacted. The proposed change was passed in a bill in the House of Representatives but never advanced past the committee stage in the Florida Senate, where it bogged down.

The bill would ban permanent alimony completely. It would also protect future wives or husbands of those who have been divorced and ordered to pay spousal support from partially responsible for paying the former spouse alimony. There are many people that have been forced to pay tens of thousands of dollars every month to a former spouse, and there is no end in sight, unless alimony reform is successful. This change in Florida law is being heavily lobbied by several groups. These changes could impact your future payments or receipt of alimony.

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